Have you heard about Community Match?

The Wisconsin WIC Program knows the value of strong community partnerships and is committed to providing the resources to help make that happen. That is why they’ve given you and your community access to Coffective’s Community Match!

What is Community Match?

Community Match is a platform built around a single belief: we are better together. It’s intended to connect organizations that are working toward the same goals and help them build the type of collaborative partnerships that will allow them to achieve much more than they ever could alone. From finding and learning about your community partners, to resources and ideas for working together, there’s a lot available with Community Match. Here is a snapshot of what Community Match is.

If your organization is not a part of community match you can still participate. To participate, all you need to do is complete this short survey.By joining Community Match, you will get…

  • Contact information for other key partners in our community.
  • Partners’ interest in collaboration activities they want to do with your organization.
  • Resources for completing activities, including toolkits and examples of how others have done it.