The mission of the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition is to improve the health of Wisconsin by working collaboratively to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.


In order to achieve optimal health, enhance child development, promote effective parenting, and make optimal use of resources, breastfeeding will be the norm for infant and early childhood feeding in Wisconsin.



NOTE: We recognize the power of language and its importance in helping create inclusive spaces, systems, policies, and programs. We strive to use language that welcomes all and we acknowledge that not all lactating people use female-gendered pronouns or the term “breastfeeding.” We commit to expanding the terms we use in our communications and resources to both reflect and respect all families who choose to provide human milk.

The Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition is helping breastfeeding advocates around the state by providing them with connections, resources, and toolkits to make their work easier.


What do we do?