Note: All committee work is on hold while WBC undergoes a strategic planning process. Committees may be restructured and roles may shift. Stay tuned for more developments and information about how to get involved!

Communication and Outreach 

  • Facilitate exchange of successful strategies and discussion topics with local coalitions through coalition networking calls
  • Maintain and promote statewide breastfeeding resource contact list and ZipMilk website
  • Maintain WBC Facebook page
  • Communicate with local coalitions concerning WBC activities and statewide priorities
  • Facilitate relationships with other state-level organizations (e.g., WALC, LLL, WAND)
  • Advise local coalitions on how to promote themselves and their work through social media, earned media, and other communication methods
  • Subcommittee: Local Coalition Awards (recognition of local coalition successes)

Contact:  Kelli Stader at

Guidance and Resources

  • Engage and educate key stakeholders about national and statewide best practices
  • Advocate for public policy and provide assistance to local coalitions to engage in advocacy efforts
  • Assist with the establishment of local coalitions by providing tools for strategic planning, by-laws, and other governing documents
  • Assist local coalitions with projects, materials, organizational tools, strategies, and evaluation activities

Contact:  Andrea Wagner at


  • Facilitate becoming 501(c)3 organization
  • Assist local coalitions with their financial infrastructure planning and provide assistance for seeking and securing funding
  • Ensure the security of sufficient funds for WBC through various methods (e.g., grants, fundraising)

Contact: Jennifer Loging at