Please get involved in our WBC Committees! 

Standing – Local Connections Committee 

  • Maintain local coalition directory and map
  • Develop mechanism for easy sharing and discussion between locals (probably virtual)
  • Facilitate connections between similar communities (e.g., size, geography, rural/urban, capacity, history, interests)
  • Support communities interested in starting a coalition
    Contact:  Kelli Stader at


Standing – Outreach Committee 

  • Newsletter (quarterly)
    • Organize content and seek submissions from other committees, local leaders, Executive Committee members, etc.
    • Manage distribution
  • Facebook
    • 1-2 people to lead management/scheduling of posts
    • Consider sponsored posts (budget item)
  • Website
    • 1-2 people with web technology expertise and account access
    • Committee reviews/seeks input/proposes changes to overall website content and organization
  • Develop/Distribute press release templates, sample social media posts, and/or other communications for statewide use on as needed basis or for special events (e.g., World Breastfeeding Week)
  • Develop/Share resources and offer support related to media communications

Contact: The Chair for this committee is currently vacant. Please contact if interested.

Standing – Event Committee 

  • Annual Summit
    • Plan agenda and identify speakers (with input from Executive Committee)
    • Determine location and date
    • Manage facility logistics
    • Registration
  • Local Coalition Awards Program (frequency/structure TBD)
  • Seek sponsors or other funding sources
  • Other events as needed

Contact: The Chair for this committee is currently vacant. Please contact if interested.

Ad hoc – Worksite Committee  *supported by ASPHN CoIIN Project

  • Review existing activities and resources being used around the state for worksite lactation support (by LHDs, tribes, coalitions, and others)
  • Gather input from local communities on needs/interests for better statewide support
  • Determine how to best enhance statewide efforts and develop appropriate strategies (e.g., Wisconsin toolkit, state recognition program, media campaign)
  • Outreach to potential partners and other organizations with similar interests to develop relationships and explore collaborative opportunities
  • Use quality improvement methods to facilitate committee work (based on CoIIN guidance)
  • Collaborate with State MCH Program to recruit more local health departments and tribal agencies to choose worksite breastfeeding support as their MCH objective and offer support/technical assistance as needed

[CoIIN project timeline is October 2017 – August 2019]
Contact: Shawn Meyer

Other committees for consideration (with sufficient leadership, interest, and capacity)

  • Standing – Advocacy Committee
  • Ad hoc – Coalition Toolkit Committee